Excedrin is My Friend

I take two Excedrin every day.

I’m trying to quit but if I don’t take it in the morning, I end up taking it at night and then can’t sleep. It is my cure-all. When I need that extra boost of energy at work, I take Excedrin. When I have a headache, of course, I take Excedrin. When I can’t focus, yes, I take Excedrin. 

I thought I wouldn’t need it today but then, horror of horrors, my home laptop caught a virus. From something someone liked in Facebook, thank you very much.

Surprisingly, I’m not overwrought by this. Having had one computer crash before, I know I’ll survive. But it is a pain. And an expense, whether it gets fixed or I have to buy a new laptop. And the downtime. What am I supposed to do? Read a book?! How will I buy the book without access to Amazon.com?

I hate that I’m so reliant on my computer at home, but that’s just the way it is. I went without a TV for more than two years, but I don’t think I could do the same with regard to a computer. It’s my lifeline. Just as Excedrin is.

I should be a compensated spokesperson. Novartis, are you listening?


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