It’s a Good Day

The sun’s out. I’m leaving work early for lunch with my brother, Jon, at Django. And, my friend, Viki, and her Corgi, Bunnykins, are coming over for a playdate with my chocolate Lab mix, Emma. What more could you ask for.

OK, I could ask for an internet connection on my home computer, but that was yesterday’s post.

It was raining cats and dogs when I left for work yesterday. Really wanted to stay home but I had a meeting I wanted to attend. It was a bust. Should have stayed home. But, upon leaving the house I discovered the rain poncho I thought I had, was no longer. It was, in fact,  a nice pliable rain coat from LL Bean, not the crackly, dry, poncho from some surplus store. I’d forgotten I’d tossed the old and brought in the new.

Sometimes lapses in memory are a good thing. I get little surprises along the way. Like the time I saw my toaster for, what I thought was, the first time. I called my friend, “Pam!  I have a new toaster!” I love toast!  That’s for another post. (Argh. Sorry about that rhyme. I detest rhymes. In fact, there’s a commercial on the TV waves now with rhymes. They are not getting my business.)

Anyways (tribute to my friend, Gator)… that’s it for today.


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