iHanna DIY Postcard Swap 2012

March 21, 2012

Based on the cards I’ve received this year (and last) it seems like most postcard creators are artists. I am not. But I have fun! I wanted to do a sort of old-timey “Greetings from…” card with something specific to Iowa or Des Moines, the capital, where I live.

I grew up in a small town in northern Iowa, Marble Rock, population 320. I remember when we got our 4-way stop signs downtown. Ha. We lived in town, right across from the grain elevator. I have fond memories of my dad taking me there while he did business. He’d give me a few pennies so I could get peanuts from one of those tall red cast iron “vending” machines. Then I’d settle in to listen to the farmers tell stories.

Even though we lived in town, my dad farmed – corn and soybeans. We also had chickens. [Note to self: chicken-themed card for 2013?] My dad is gone now but I’ll always be a farmer’s daughter. I’m proud of Iowa’s agricultural heritage. [Little known fact: I was nominated as Queen of the Furrow when I was in high school.]

Iowa is routinely number one in corn (and soybean) production in the US. My license plate reflects that: CORNST8 (Corn State). I was surprised it was available, but thrilled! On the bottom of the plate is the name of the county in which I live, POLK. The left hand corner has a current license registration sticker with my birth month.

With buildings and landscape representing city and farm, the plate was designed to reflect Iowa as an agricultural and business state. We have many insurance and financial companies in the larger towns. I work at one, Principal Financial Group.

Personalized license plate for my car.

My production notes are quite simple. I took a picture of the license plate, added “Greetings from Iowa” in Photoshop, printed the photo, traced the photo on a light board, and added a few pops with watercolor pencils.

My postcard 2012

I thought it might be fun to have a special postage stamp this year, so I made one on zazzle.com. Postcard-rate stamps aren’t available there so I splurged.

Custom Postage Stamp

For cards going out of the country I added one of the new Dogs at Work stamps, which I just adore.

Dogs at Work Postage Stamp

Last year I put up maps of the US and world. When I’d get a postcard, I would pin it to my wall, and link it to its place of origin with a string. People loved coming to see the wonderful postcards! And I loved looking at them, too! So, I’m doing that again this year.

Postcard Map as of 3.21.2012

And the postcards, going clockwise from bottom left.

Sherry Gerber / Austin Texas

Michelle Pierron / Fort Wayne Indiana

Martha Cook / Coventry Connecticut

Britt Dahne / Gotland Sweden (Unsure of Britt's last name spelling.)

Tonia Burgess / Victoria Australia

Postcard received 3.21.2012

Shelly / Canada

Postcard received 3.22.2012

Britta / Pennsylvania