Thursday [07.31.14]

July 31, 2014

In yesterday’s post, I was at G. Mig’s 5th Street Pub, 128 5th St, West Des Moines (Valley Junction.) Lindsey Crank identified it correctly as she is familiar with most DSM bars.

Bartender Jason is fabulous! He concocted the perfect sidecar (notice the extra glass for over pour) and a fab French Gin Gimlet. I haven’t had a gimlet since The Yacht Club was King Tut’s. And they weren’t French.

Also fabulous, the burgers. On Mondays they have a build-your-own burger for $7.95 with three toppings. There are a lot to choose from, such as the Iowa perennial favorite, bacon. Some toppings, and more than three toppings, are at an additional nominal cost. Two thumbs up! Next I’m trying the crab cakes. I heard they make you happy as a clam. If you go there, tell Jason “Diane sent me.”



Where in the World Wednesday [07.30.14]

July 30, 2014

This is when I post a picture of myself, or an inanimate object, and you try to guess where I am in Des Moines.

Tomorrow I’ll post the answer with a mini-review.

Please, no wagering.


If you like grass like I like grass

July 29, 2014

CB I Hate Perfume

My niece, Elizabeth, turned me on to this Brooklyn shop. I live in the Midwest so I’m left to shop online. I have no problem shopping online.

One of my favorite scents is, grass. It reminds me of my dad mowing the yard. I used to buy the Mottura brand fragrance, Grass, at Things & Things & Things in Iowa City.

T&T&T was a great three-floor shop of wonderful household items, trendy clothing and amazing body products. Over the years, it went from the three floors of  T&T&T to the two-floor Things & Things, to a one-floor Things and then, unfortunately, down to a no-floor nothing.

Mottura sold its fragrance line to The Gap who kept Heaven,  Air,  and a few other scents but eliminated Grass. I don’t know if they carry any of these fragrances anymore.

Anyways (tribute to my friend, Pete)


I loved that Grass fragrance! It just put me in a good place. I’d had no luck finding anything even close until my niece wrote about CB I Hate Perfume in her blog on the Kenyon Review. (A real blog, unlike this one.) She now has the blog, Nosy Girl.

I ordered the travel-sized, Grass. Received it last Friday and absolutely love it! In fact, this morning I ordered the larger size.

If you’re anywhere near this shop, check it out. If you live in the outer limits like I do, there’s always the online experience. You’ll be taking a chance, shopping by fragrance name and description. Although, CB was spot on with grass.

Thank me later

July 29, 2014

I get white sheets. They’re bleachable. I have a dog. I can never tell which side of the fitted sheet goes where, so I marked the foot of the sheet using a Sharpie. Anytime I can used a Sharpie I’m a happy girl! It’s not pretty but it’s functional. No more fumbling around with that damn fitted sheet. Now, if I could only fold one.

Tip Number One

Meecies, Meecies…

July 29, 2014

I created the Meecies in grade school and am working on recreating them for online viewing. This is a work in progress.

The Story of the Meecies

A little project

July 29, 2014

This is my second linoleum cut. The first is better but I can’t share that until this fall. Shhh…

I was looking for something to do to postpone housework. A project! I got out a woodblock and drew my design. It was freakishly lucky I remembered to reverse the lettering.

Steps One and Two

When I started cutting I used an x-acto knife. Duh. Then remembered I had actually bought the appropriate tools. Like two years ago.

More cutting.


I suck, but it’s fun!

The completed carving. I left some texture along the bottom for a little visual interest. Yah, well, not so much as you’ll see.


Then inking the baby up. It’s thick ink!


Inking the table up, too.

Then the burnishing step.


Drum roll, please… the finished product. It’s rough, but I still like it!


Mistake number one: Using a textured card.

Mistake number two: Adding that texture at the bottom.

Hello, happy hour!

July 28, 2014

Some of the best happy hours in the East Village, downtown, and Des Moines West.

Akebono515: 4 for $4 starting at 4:00. Wine. Cocktails. Beer. Appetizers. Bartenders sometime serve up complimentary sake bombs. [215 10 St.: patio]

Americana: Mon-Fri 3-6:00. $6 apps, refreshing beverages from $2-$5. Great view of the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. [1312 Locust]

D’jango: Mon-Fri 4-6:00 $1.50 oysters and shrimp, $10 cheese and charcuterie plates, $5 specialty cocktails, champagne and martinis. Tuesday: happy hour all night long. All night. All night. [210 10 St.]

Eatery/A: Tues-Sun 3-6:00 half-priced wine, draws and wood-fired pizza. Try the Budino dessert. You’ll thank me. [2932 Ingersoll: patio]

Irina’s: Mon-Sun 3-6:00 half-priced apps. Ask for a Russian shot: Whiff a piece of rye bread, slam a vodka shot, eat a pickle. Not on special yet always special. [2301 Rocklyn Dr.]

Lime Lounge: Two Martini Tuesday means two mouthwatering martinis for $10; One Dollar Wednesday means drinks for a dollar. Ask for Michelle, voted Cityview’s Best Bartender. [435 E. Grand: patio]

Louie’s Wine Dive: Mon-Fri 4-6:00 $6 wine by the glass, $6 house made punches, $5 flatbread selection and BLT deviled eggs. If they run out of your brand of beer they’ll pick it up at the HyVee. True story. [4040 University: patio]

The Continental: Mon-Thurs half-priced tapas menu, $5 hand crafted sangria, $2 PBR and a weekly $6 drink special. An East Village gem with a loft vibe. [428 East Locust: patio]