If you like grass like I like grass

CB I Hate Perfume

My niece, Elizabeth, turned me on to this Brooklyn shop. I live in the Midwest so I’m left to shop online. I have no problem shopping online.

One of my favorite scents is, grass. It reminds me of my dad mowing the yard. I used to buy the Mottura brand fragrance, Grass, at Things & Things & Things in Iowa City.

T&T&T was a great three-floor shop of wonderful household items, trendy clothing and amazing body products. Over the years, it went from the three floors of  T&T&T to the two-floor Things & Things, to a one-floor Things and then, unfortunately, down to a no-floor nothing.

Mottura sold its fragrance line to The Gap who kept Heaven,  Air,  and a few other scents but eliminated Grass. I don’t know if they carry any of these fragrances anymore.

Anyways (tribute to my friend, Pete)


I loved that Grass fragrance! It just put me in a good place. I’d had no luck finding anything even close until my niece wrote about CB I Hate Perfume in her blog on the Kenyon Review. (A real blog, unlike this one.) She now has the blog, Nosy Girl.

I ordered the travel-sized, Grass. Received it last Friday and absolutely love it! In fact, this morning I ordered the larger size.

If you’re anywhere near this shop, check it out. If you live in the outer limits like I do, there’s always the online experience. You’ll be taking a chance, shopping by fragrance name and description. Although, CB was spot on with grass.


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