On Being Catholic [08.08.14]

It’s Friday. When I was growing up, Catholics could not eat meat on Fridays. Our neighbors were Lutheran. There was slight tension between the two at that time. They called us mackerel smackers. When the husband of a good friend recently converted to Catholicism I gave him a card, “welcome to the club,” and a can of mackerels.

I’m lapsed, in part because I do not agree with the Church’s stand on some issues, birth control for one. But I adore Pope Francis. He’s a progressive Pope of the people. He dines wiith The Vatican staff. He has only one lung. True story.

pope dines

Vatican II brought about a few changes I remember; doing away with the Friday ban on meat and switching from Mass in Latin to English. That was the first step in my disillusionment with Catholicism.  Mass said in Latin was melodic and somewhat mystical. I loved the ceremony of Mass. Latin was a part of that. Take that away and it just wasn’t as much fun. I actually had a point to make but lost my train of thought.

Oh, it was about this fragrance my niece turned me on to, Comme des Garcons Incense Avignon. It reminds me of the incense used at High Mass which reminds me of my childhood (much like the smell of grass does.) Anyway, that was my point. I’m lapsed but I make Rosaries, follow the new guy on Facebook, burn incense reminiscent of High Mass and study Latin.


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