The Iowa State Fair – Nothing Compares [08.09.14]

Gotta’ go to the Iowa State Fair at least once every year. It is total Americana. A vastly different scene during the day, when my friend Susan and I went, compared to at night. During the day the focus is on the exhibits and family. At night it’s more like a carnival with bright lights and beer. Of course, you can have beer during the day, too. And, walk freely around the grounds with said beer.

craft beer tent

We stood in line for the Butter Cow behind a couple from Pennsylvania. They were on a road trip visiting family in Sioux City. The only thing on her list of things to see was the Butter Cow. And, they just love Iowa compared to the East and West coasts.

iconic butter cow

Food-on-a-stick abounds. I had a fabulous steak kabob, caprese salad on a stick and grilled spiced corn on the cob… on a stick. I skipped the double bacon wrapped corn dog on a stick and the chocolate coated key lime pie on a stick. I have my limits.


Also main attractions are the Biggest Boar (Peabody) and Biggest Bull (Bubba).


Click here for the complete photo diary of this year’s fair. Nothing compares!



One Response to The Iowa State Fair – Nothing Compares [08.09.14]

  1. moongarden57 says:

    Shrimp-on-a-stick and double ferris wheel — I love the fair!!

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