Monday [08.11.14]

Dad and Me at Scout Camp

I’m a farmer’s daughter and appreciate art, thus my decision to become a docent with the World Food Prize. The World Food Prize Foundation designed the art and décor in the Hall of Laureates to tell five main stories.

  • The World Food Prize is the Nobel Prize for food and agriculture.
  • Dr. Norman Borlaug, through the Green Revolution, saved more lives than any other person who has ever lived.
  • The World Food Prize Laureates are the leaders of the single greatest period of food production and hunger reduction in all human history (the last 50 years.)
  • Led by John Ruan, Iowa rescued the World Food Prize in 1990 and moved it to Des Moines with the goal of making Iowa the hunger fighting capital of the world.
  • The history of agriculture, particularly the role of women in agriculture throughout time.

Click here for a tour of the Borlaug Ballroom with a sprinkling of Rotunda.


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