Saturday [08.30.14]

Since this is the weekend, and a  l o n g  one at that, it seemed appropriate to do this post.

There are a lot of remedies for the dreaded hangover, including:

  • Before you go to bed have a shot… of wheatgrass.
  • Hydrate to clear out the toxins.
  • Try Tiger Balm to ease the headache.
  • Soak in wasabi to detox your body. I read it on the internet.
  • Hair of the dog (i.e., start drinking as soon as you get up.)

Or, my personal favorite, Toniiq (pronounced like tonic) available on Amazon prime and currently almost half-priced.

I can’t say for a fact it works, because, well, how can I know for sure what I would have felt like without taking it. But the couple of times I overdid it, I took Toniiq and felt pretty good the next day. You take the two black capsules at night followed by the one white capsule in the morning. It’s worth a shot! Pun quite possible intended.


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