Restaurant Week [08.28.14]

In yesterday’s post, I was at Alba. Another Restaurant Week stop and the beginning of Monthly Dinner Club with Pete and Anya Torres. Located in the trendy East Village, Alba is a lively place with a great vibe, including old doors suspended from the ceiling and a view of the Capitol. Service was excellent.

1st Course: From six options, I went with the Grade A Farms Summer Squash & La Quercia Prosciutto Salad. The salad, with stylish presentation, did not disappoint. It was a perfect start to a wonderful meal.
2nd Course: For my entrée I went with the Pan Roasted Hanger Steak. Prepared to a perfect medium rare it was a blend of flavors I wish I could describe. I don’t know food but I know what I like. <– my tagline. I don’t know if this is a regular menut item but if it is, you will not be disappointed.
3rd Course: To top off the evening, Peach Chiffon Cake. Delightfully presented in a capped Mason jar, it was the perfect end to my meal. Light, fluffy, and just the right amount of sweet. Plus, it was just fun to eat!
My taste has changed since my first visit to Alba when it opened in 2008. No longer the large-portion meat and potato loving girl, I now appreciate smaller portions with creative combinations and presentation. For this I am grateful.


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