Friday [09.12.14]

Two words: Culture Crawl

culture crawl

What fun! Basically a party bus under the guise of culture – it had a garden party theme. We met at Mickey’s on court for a signature drink of vodka and lemonade. After mingling a bit we hopped no the bus and headed to Jasper Winery for some live music and great apps provided by Gateway. Of course, there was wine and beer.

Then it was off to one of my favorite spots – the World Food Prize. Live music in the fabulous English gardens! We could go inside the building as well. Wonderful food by Marriott. And the beer? Wheat.

Back on the bus, headed to the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. I haven’t been there in 25 years when I attended a wedding. Gateway desserts, drinks provided by Trellis and bluegrass music. I even caught, on video, a plant swaying to the beat of the music. (To be uploaded later today so check back. It’s cute.)

We were dropped off at CODA Lounge in the Renaissance Savery hotel for a drink and pizza.

All in all, a very fun evening!


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