Thursday [09.25.14]

In yesterday’s Where in the World Wednesday I was in a charming little-known neighborhood bar in Ankeny called Frankie’s.

It could be called a dive bar but that would do it a disservice. On one hand, it serves a variety of cheap-ass beers (e.g., Hamm’s, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz) in hefty frosted mugs. On the other, it is well appointed with Templeton Rye and Bombay Sapphire, and the appropriate rocks glasses.

The atmosphere is 50s cool with retro martini-patterned fabric on the booth, Rat Pack photos on the walls and starburst candle holders on the tables. A Korean War “Lucky Strikes Again” item is also displayed, along with Falstaff bar coasters and a vintage working fan.

Service is swift and friendly. And the best part, Frankie’s is open 24×7. No prohibition password needed, however, it is by invitation only. I’m fortunate to count the owners among my friends.


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