WTF [02.06.15]

What the Friday?!

When did this body shape become the foremost fascination of the free world?


Women are going to plastic surgeons requesting the Kardashian ass.

It is hugely disproportionate to the rest of her body. It is unnatural – in every sense of the word. It has its own zip code.

Stop the madness, people!


One Response to WTF [02.06.15]

  1. Josh says:

    My loathing for the Kardashians and all other pseudo-celebrities (aka talentless a$$clowns who are only part of the lexicon of American celebrities because of the hard work of their familial predecessors and money hungry television executives who turned reality TV into the trash that most of it is) is capitalized by the horrible cultural fads they inflict on the populace, such as this inhuman ginormous backside, by having mass exposure to society. This is not a beautiful woman. This is not a role model. This is what happens when you feed childish desires with a silver spoon without teaching accountability, respect for all, and the understanding that outward behavior is, in itself, a choice which bares consequences not only to oneself but others. That said, I think her a$$ is that big because Kanye’s head is up there somewhere.

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