Thank me later [02.09.15]

One. Word. Epicor.

This is a probiotic developed by a company that makes supplements for animal feed. They discovered those who worked the production line never got sick, while others in the company got sick as employees typically do. The company reformulated the product for humans and it works!

I took this stuff for three years. Yes, I got a cold at times but it would last two days. I thought, “How do I really know if this is working?” OK, I’ll stop taking it. So, I did. Stop taking it.

Today marks Day Ten of Cold 2015.

Available on Amazon.


One Response to Thank me later [02.09.15]

  1. Holdgrafer, Susan says:

    Good to know! I’m going to get some.

    Susan Holdgrafer
    Principal Financial Group®
    Sourcing and Supplier Management
    Phone: 515-235-1652
    Fax: 866-508-1129

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