Warning: TMI to Follow [02.13.15]

Have you ever walked out of a public restroom and wanted to say to the person going in, “You might want to wait a minute.”


One Response to Warning: TMI to Follow [02.13.15]

  1. Josh says:

    I’m not that polite. I take the tack of always looking down and trying to appear insignificant so as not to be noticed. This way there is no connection to the smell of stock yards and egg salad with the person that just walked by. The smell, though, isn’t what bothers me about public bathrooms. Poo is trivial when it comes to mass commodes…unless it is all over the walls but I digress.

    It’s the thought of catching something from someone else that bugs me. Which is why I find it absolutely repulsive when I walk into the bathroom at work and see printouts of emails and things scattered across the floor extending out from a stall and hear the clicking of Blackberry keys or iPhone click sounds.

    Do you need to focus on your work but can’t seem to find the time? Is your assistant out of the office and that pesky resource scheduler thingy is making it really difficult for you to schedule a room? Don’t know about the resource scheduler thingy and the only drop-in room is occupied by your arch-nemesis? Don’t let that stop you from getting your work done! Create your own focused work space by taking over the handicap stall in the public bathroom. Forget the American’s With Disabilities Act and stake your claim at the Poop Desk. It’s free and is so convenient that you don’t even have to stop working on that TPS Report if nature calls! So the next time you feel a brainstorm and a $hitstorm coming on, set up your very own Poop Desk and become your department’s ultimate multi-tasker! Lysol and Valtrex sold separately.

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