Where in the World Wednesday (Thursday) [04.01.15]

Where in the World Wednesday has been resurrected, which seems appropriate given the time of year. Because you’re likely tired of seeing pictures of me, this is The Gimlet Edition. Here’s how it works. In Facebook, on Wednesdays, I will post a picture of a gimlet purchased (and consumed) somewhere in Greater Des Moines.

This was yesterday’s snapshot.alpine1This is Jimmy, the bartender. His brother, Frankie, owns the bar. The bar being, The Alpine Taproom.


Located at 2729 Ingersoll Avenue, The Alpine is what some consider a dive bar. Fine by me. Credit / debit cards are not accepted but they have an ATM on-sight. No Red Bull, either, for those hyper-drunk concoctions. While the cocktail was prepared with Rose’s Lime Juice – the bane of the gimlet – the jukebox is one of the best in town. And, back to the gimlet, it was tasty and strong. Not quite as tart as I like but I would order it again.

To be fair in my gimlet comparisons, I am requesting Bombay Sapphire instead of going with bar gin. Cost: based on the change in my wallet, $5-6.

And, The Alpine has a happy hour.



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