Here comes the sun [08.04.15]

I wear bifocal eyeglasses and have sun-sensitive eyes. Sunglasses are a must. When you wear glasses you have several options for sun protection:

  • The baseball cap. It messes with my hair.
  • Prescription sunglasses. They mess with my budget.
  • Clip-on flip-ups. If you get a pair with rubber-coated clips, they don’t scratch your lenses but do leave smudge marks.
  • Sunglasses that fit over your eyeglasses.

Introduced to me by childhood peep and frequent commenter, DJ Carney, there are several brands. Google, “sunglasses that fit over eyeglasses.” D’oh. I got the appropriately named, Fitover brand. Deals can be found on various websites.

Love them! They…

  • have just the right degree of protection
  • are polarized to reduce glare
  • have side lenses for your peripheral vision
  • are less expensive than prescription glasses
  • make me look cool

blog pic

Tell ’em, “Diane sent me.”


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