A little project

July 29, 2014

This is my second linoleum cut.¬†The first is better but I can’t share that until this fall. Shhh…

I was looking for something to do to postpone housework. A project! I got out a woodblock and drew my design. It was freakishly lucky I remembered to reverse the lettering.

Steps One and Two

When I started cutting I used an x-acto knife. Duh. Then remembered I had actually bought the appropriate tools. Like two years ago.

More cutting.


I suck, but it’s fun!

The completed carving. I left some texture along the bottom for a little visual¬†interest. Yah, well, not so much as you’ll see.


Then inking the baby up. It’s thick ink!


Inking the table up, too.

Then the burnishing step.


Drum roll, please… the finished product. It’s rough, but I still like it!


Mistake number one: Using a textured card.

Mistake number two: Adding that texture at the bottom.