Ah, Wisconsin [04.28.15]

April 28, 2015

My friend, John, and I just returned from the most wonderful road trip to Wisconsin, in spite of the grueling start.

This snapshot at the Madison Union is the Reader’s Digest version of the vacation. A good time was had by all.


Iowa is in fact the windiest state in Lower 48. I can attest to this after being ruthlessly whipped around on the drive from Des Moines to Iowa City Wednesday afternoon. But, after that, the drive both to and back from Wisconsin was uneventful.

We spent Wednesday night in Iowa City, dining at the marvelous slow-dining farm-to-table Devotay.

One word: Paella.


But, back to Wisconsin.

Thursday we dined at a local favorite, Delavan’s own Hernandez. Friday we traipsed around Delavan and Lake Geneva, dining at Sprecher’s. That night, we enjoyed a traditional Friday night Fish Fry at Delavan’s Duck Inn. Oh my!

We did, indeed…

duck inn

Saturday was spent in Madison: Farmer’s Market, Memorial Union, Monona Terrace, and State Street with lunch at The Great Dane.  We left for home Sunday morning. Full. Giddy. Exhausted.

Best. Trip. Ever.


Best. Song. Ever. [02.11.15]

February 11, 2015

Whether or not it is the best cover is debatable, but it is a good representation. It took Leonard Cohen more than two years to write. It has been covered more 118 times. It is Hallelujah.